About The Author

              My first solo hike ever.  The Skerwink Trail, 4.5 km. Trinity East, Newfoundland.                    July 4th, 2017.

Living in Fall River, Nova Scotia for the past 25 years, I am a city girl surrounded by the woods. Where I live, I am never more than a few minutes away from a paved surface, which has always been my comfort zone. Born in Nova Scotia, I grew up in Montreal and Southern Ontario, with journeys and stays on several continents over many years. When I returned to this province 25 years ago, my grandmother said, “Once the salt is in your veins, you’ll always come back to the sea.” (She was a dynamic and adventurous spirit herself, always ready for a road trip!)

     I am a full-time high school counsellor, a visual artist and teacher, a mother of two teenage daughters and a wife to an amazing partner. I love to laugh, learn, stitch, draw mandalas, watch British movies and television series and drink martinis. Being in nature has always both excited and terrified me, so this is going to be one big adventure!